We are launching a new stand alone aquatic business group named as Aqua Life BD. We are currently importing freshwater & salt water live stock as well as quality dry products and accessories. We are proud to mention that, our live stock shipment will be from Singapore and accessories and dry items are from India and Singapore. Some of our dry products have already arrived and live stock will come very soon. We are in pursuit for a huge live stock shipment. So get ready our fish keeping brothers and sisters, for an awesome dive into Aqua Life. You are all cordially invited to have some glimpse of our products. Aqua Life BD’s main emphasis will be on smiling faces of clients with best quality products in reasonable pricing. We want to spread the joy of fish keeping hobby among the people so that this beautiful hobby keeps expanding. At the moment, we are launching Aqua Life softly, from my home at 12/6, Salimullah Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka. Soon our outlet will be launched. So, let’s take a dive into Aqua Life and explore amazing beauties of aquatic life together.